It's Easy to Learn How to Play Pokies Online

When you want to learn how to play pokies online, the first thing to remember is that online pokies are just the same as online slots. Therefore, an online pokies casino is no different from an online slots casino so that it is not difficult to pick up the idea of how to play pokies online.

The Different Types of Online Pokies

Online pokies come in several different styles and learning how to play pokies online depends on which type of online pokies you choose to play. Just as in online slots, you will find simple online pokies with three reels and one pay line where you only have to choose your coin bet, press the spin button and wait to see if you can line up a winning combination on the pay line. These online pokies are the easiest to play and do not require any particular talent when learning how to play pokies online.

A bit more advanced, and certainly more popular at any online pokies casino, are the five reel online pokies. The standard five reelers can have one, three and five pay lines and also they often have a Wild symbol to help you create winning combinations. These online pokies are a lot more interesting to play and when just learning how to play pokies online it is suggested that you always play the maximum number of coins allowed in each game in order to be eligible for the highest pay out.

Probably the most complicated of all online pokies are the video online pokies or video slots as they are generally called. Video online pokies usually have a theme that more or less tells a story. They have five reels but can have as many as forty pay lines. If you are figuring how to play pokies online with the maximum number of coins, forty pay lines can be a bit expensive. However the video online pokies usually start with very low coin denominations such as one cent, so your outlay need not always be so great. An online pokies casino will always promote its latest video online pokies because these games have all kinds of extras which can help you win a lot of coins as you play.

The video online pokies feature Wild symbols, Scatter symbols and Bonus games. Many times the Scatter symbols offer rewards of a number of free spins when you get three or more on the reels. When learning how to play pokies online you should closely study the descriptions of the way the Scatters and Bonuses work in each one of the video online pokies.

The Big Risk in Online Pokies

The biggest jackpots in any online pokies are found in the games with the progressive jackpots. The progressive jackpots grow with each spin of the reels, that is with each bet on the online pokies game. These online pokies are similar to the video games because they also have wilds, scatters and bonus games. However, it is not easy to win a progressive jackpot and when you are just learning how to play pokies online you will do better to try your luck with the standardized online pokies with a static jackpot.

Online pokies are great fun and entertainment as any online pokies casino will advise in their advertisements and promotions.