Kings of Cash Online Pokies

Every casino player looks for different things in his pokies games, as each person has different interests and different priorities. Some players only want to feel like a part of the gambling community without spending money at all, while others can’t let go of the thrill they feel when they play online pokies for real money. Some players will choose a game that will suit their interests, while other players will choose the game with the highest payout.

But at the end of the day it doesn’t matter why the player chose to play a specific game, because what really matters is that they have some fun along the way. If you want to have an interesting and relaxed gambling experience, you should definitely play Kings of Cash online pokies, as it is funky and easy to figure out. This is the perfect game for players who want an uncomplicated gambling experience, and it even suits players who want to fit a few quick spins in between appointments and meetings during a busy day.

About The Game

Kings of Cash is a great game that can be found at all the popular online pokies casinos. It has 5 reels and 15 available lines, awarding the players with different prizes when at least 3 similar symbols appear next to each other from the left reel to the right.

All the symbols that appear on the reels are related to cash or to royalty, and you will meet symbols of treasure chests, royal chairs and king cards from a regular card deck. All these symbols award you with up to 300 coins on a regular spins, but the real money can be awarded to you if the wild symbol is involved.

The wild in this game is represented by the logo of the game and it substitutes for all the regular symbols when you try to assemble a winning combination. In addition to that, this symbol can award you with up to 5,000 coins all on its own.

Bonuses and Extra Features

If you’re looking for casino games with lucrative online pokies bonuses, you came to the right place as Kings of Cash pokies game has lots to offer in this department. In this game, you can find 2 scatter symbols; one of them is represented by a crown and the other one looks like an embroidered dollar sign. The first scatter symbol triggers a bonus game when at least 3 crowns appear anywhere on the reels. In this bonus round, you need to match 3 king cards in order to win a multiplier that goes up to x1,000!

The second scatter symbol can award you with up to 25 free spins when it appears at least 3 times on your reels. During these free spins, all your wins would be multiplied up to 10 times, so all you have to do is let the reels spin and have some faith!

Last but not least is the gambling feature, which allows you to spice things up if what’s already been said about this casino game is not interesting enough for you. This feature gives you the chance to double and even quadruple any of your wins, big and small alike, with a simple guessing game. This feature is extremely risky and yet that’s what so exciting about it and many players enjoy the thrill that comes with the uncertainty of it.

In Conclusion

All in all, Kings of Cash is an exciting pokies game with lots of great qualities to it; it has beautiful graphics, exciting bonuses and lucrative prizes for each player who decides to check this game out. If you’re looking for a new casino game to fill your time with, this game will be the perfect choice for you as it will enchant you in a matter of seconds.