Leagues of Fortune

The Leagues of Fortune is an online pokies casino game that has just been released by Microgaming, designers of the most popular pokies online. With League of Fortune, you are not limited to the traditional pay lines. Matching symbols do not need to line up on straight, curved, or diagonal lines. Basically, in this online pokies casino game, if a symbol appears anywhere on the five big reels – it is eligible to be included in a winning streak. All you need is three, four, or five matches and you win real cash. Since this pokies online game lets you see four symbols on every reel, that means with a single spin, you have one thousand and twenty four different ways to come out a winner.

The Theme of Leagues of Fortune

Leagues of Fortune is a nautical adventure online pokies casino game. Think 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. So it is only natural that the images include maps, underwater diving machines, a deep sea diver the captain and of course, treasure chests. Then there is the Giant Squid of Fortune. Yes, that's right. A sea creature that was greatly feared in the famous novel. Well, you don't have to fear this monster in Leagues of Fortune. That's because when the Squid extends his golden tentacles, he touches random symbols on the slot machine. Every symbol he touches transforms into a free spins bonus. In fact, you can win as many as thirty-five free spins if he touches the right images. When you win using a free spin, the amount you win is multiplied by five. So you really should not be afraid, you should be very, very happy when the squid makes an appearance in the pokies online game. One more special symbol to look for is the Leagues of Fortune logo. This is a wild symbol. That means that you can use it as a substitute for another symbol if it helps you win. This wild symbol is stacked in both the regular game and when you play with free spins. So it creates the chance for win multiple ways with a single spin.

My Gamble in Leagues of Fortune

If this was not enough to make Leagues of Fortune one of the best new pokies online, there is a great gamble feature for those who win – but want more. After every winning spin, you have the opportunity to play My Gamble. When you play, instead of just keeping the amount you have won, you can decide top risk some or all of it on one more gamble. You can even pick the odds. Find Leagues of Fortune at the best online pokies casino websites.