3 Card Poker Can Be Played at an Online Pokies Casino

Although an online pokies casino is actually dedicated to pokies games, which is the Australian term for slots games, you will also find other popular online casino games on their sites. 3 Card Poker is always available at these pokies casinos. 3 Card Poker is considered a table game and, therefore, is not exactly what you are looking for when logging onto an online pokies casino, but it is an entertaining game to play when you have tired of the pokies.

How to Play 3 Card Poker

This poker variation is very suitable to gamblers who are not real poker players but would like to get into the poker arena. It is played between you and the Dealer which is why it is one of those online casino games that do not create tension. You are not betting against other participants who may know how to bluff or may raise the bets to amounts you are not willing to spend.

3 Card Poker is actually two games in one: there is the Pair Plus game and the Ante and Play game. You can play just one or both, and both games are played against the dealer.

In 3 Card Poker the player and the Dealer are each dealt three cards. Bets are placed before the deal. There are spaces on the table for the Ante bets and for the Pair Plus bets. If you are playing both games, you must place bets in both spaces.

The Pair Plus winnings do not depend on the Dealer's hand. To win a player must have a pair or better. In the Ante and Play 3 Card Poker game the player bets against the Dealer. The player is dealt three cards face up while the Dealer's three cards are face down. If the player feels that his hand is a winner (it can be Ace or Queen high, a pair, a straight, a flush, etc), the player places an additional bet in the Play space. This bet must be equal to his Ante bet. The Dealer must have a Queen high combination or better to qualify. If the Dealer's hand does not qualify, the player is paid his Play bet and double his Ante bet regardless of the value of his hand. If the Dealer's hand does qualify, the hand with the highest value wins. This is really one of the simplest poker variations to be found amongst online casino games.

An Additional Attraction in 3 Card Poker

The extra attraction in the game of 3 Card Poker is the Ante Bonus. This is one of those online casino games where the Ante Bonus payouts are not dependent on the value of the Dealers's hand. The Ante Bonus payouts are awarded for especially good hands, such as: Straight Flush, Three of a Kind and Straight. It makes the game that much more interesting.

Although you may have logged onto an online pokies casino in order to play slots/pokies, you will find that stopping for a game of 3 Card Poker will make a nice change. 3 Card Poker is simple, fast and entertaining.