Online Keno

Keno is actually one of the oldest casino games around, having been brought to the United States from China. It first became legal in the States in 1931 in Nevada. Today, of course, online Keno can be found at any site where other online casino games are available.

Understanding Online Keno

The game of online Keno, available at almost any online pokies casino, consists of a board. It's a bit like a bingo board, and the goal is to select a series of numbers and see if you selected the ones that the keno computer selected. If you match many numbers (15 for instance out of the 80 available), then you'll win a nice amount. If you match less, you'll win a smaller amount. The payouts for online Keno at the online pokies casino are based on a few factors. In general, the goal is to match as many numbers to the ones selected as possible.

Learning the Ropes

The joy of online Keno is that there really isn't too much more to it than this. It's one of the online casino games that doesn't require strategy and that doesn't keep you fretting or wondering if you've got the strategy down. When you play, you should get to know the rules of the online Keno game where you are playing. In general, the formula is that the payouts are based on your bet, how many numbers you decided to pick, and how many of those numbers matched.

The Online Keno Betting Choices

Now, with online Keno at the online pokies casino, there are two many types of bets that you'll find. The straight bet is a bet that you make on a specific number or numbers. It's a straight-forward and uncomplicated way to play online Keno. The way bets are more complex. With a way bet, you can win if a number that you selected is picked, but you can also win based on series of numbers. These bets display groups of numbers that will win if they all come up together and are the ones that you picked. All of this adds a bit of spice to the online Keno game and makes it even more fun to play.

Join in the Fun with Online Keno

Online Keno creates a breath of fresh air in the online casino games world. It's a game that is low-pressure and loads of fun to play. Try it out at the online pokies casino and have a relaxed, enjoyable time today! This is one of the online casino games you don't want to miss.