Retro Reels Gives Traditional Pokies a Modern Edge

Retro Reels, one of the newest offerings from Microgaming, has all the trappings of a traditional online pokies casino, complete with fruit symbols, bonus symbols, and free spins. However, it updates the traditional three reel, one pay line model for the modern age, presenting a five reel, 20 pay line extravaganza that keeps the action moving. The extra paylines present many more opportunities to win. Like other pokies online go, the odds get even better when you get two bonus symbols at the same time. That activates the bonus spins action, where all winnings are doubled. If two bonus symbols appear during any of the free spins, you win another five free spins. The bonus symbol functions as a scatter symbol as well, helping make winning paylines even when the symbols are not all connected.

New Features for the Online Pokies Casino

One of the most exciting developments for people who like to play pokies online is the ability to add features to game through the use of technology. With Retro Reels, the new feature involves giving a player more control of of the board. For a small price, a player can choose to "respin" one of the reels while leaving the other two in the same position, increasing the chances of a winning payline. The feature is sure to increase the number of wins. It also eliminates one of the most frustrating elements associated with the online pokies casino - the feeling of being so close to victory only to fall short at the very end. Now, players can respin that wayward reel for another chance at victory.

A Bounty of Winnings for Fans of Pokies Online

As a product of Microgaming, Retro Reels is a worthy addition to the online pokies casino. It would be particularly appealing to people who enjoy classic pokies online but also feel a pull towards the latest video slots that offer more reels, more pay lines, and a bigger jackpot. The online pokies casino, in fact, has been virtually updated in recent times by the flush of new games from Microgaming. These games have made playing pokies online a completely new experience. So if you are inclined to keep the link between old and new alive, Retro Reels may be the game for you.