Sonic 7s

If you love to play traditional pokies online, then Sonic 7s is the perfect online pokies casino game for you - with some extra bang! While this game is quite simple in format, it includes awesome graphics and interesting designs. It also, of course, has sonic chances to win and keeps you on the edge of your seat at the online pokies casino! With its debut in June of 2011, Sonic 7s is one of the hottest new pokies online games to roll out on the market of fun!

Learn about Sonic 7s

Now, Sonic 7s includes all of the traditional pokies online symbols that we already know and love. It's got its cherries and bells, and its bars and sevens. You'll see when you get to the online pokies casino site that it's quite simple in design and in rules. That makes it easy to jump right into the game and to enjoy yourself as you play. The format of Sonic 7s is that it is a five reel, 9 payline pokies online game powered by none other than Microgaming. The graphics are eye-popping and the sound effects are entertaining as you play. The symbols that are extra fun include the Sonic 7s wild symbol which offers you 100,000 coins in winnings if you've got five on them on an active payline.

More Sonic 7s Set Up

When you play Sonics 7s you'll also want to be ready to power up. What does this mean? Well, with the online pokies casino game, there is a Power Spins section of the Sonic 7s layout. When you select the "Power" button the Power Spins feature will activate. It costs one-third more than what your original bet would have been and you can win up to an 8x wild multiplier here. When you're in the Power Spins part, the wild symbol can also double any winnings you have as it helps you to complete those winning sets.

Scatters for Fun with Sonic 7s

Now, the scatter symbol here also adds sonic fun to the game. The electrified Sonic 7s symbol is the scatter one. Look for two or more of these and you'll be happy to get a nice payout.

Sonic Fun with Sonic 7s

All of this adds up to sonic fun for anyone who wants to enjoy the online pokies casino. This traditional game packs a lot of punch and makes anyone who wants to play pokies online enjoy doing so!