Thunderstruck mobile pokies

If you’ve always loved the awesome game of Thunderstruck, you can now love it on your mobile with Thunderstruck mobile pokies. This is one of the games that you haven’t wanted to miss at the online casino, and that you certainly won’t want to miss now with the Aussie pokies mobile choices that you have. Play pokies on mobile and see how easy it is to enjoy the game and how vivid the graphics are, just like the online versions.

The Game of Thunderstruck on Mobile

Thunderstruck mobile pokies looks and feels just like the online version of the game. It has the same theme or Thor, the god of Thunder who reigns in the Nordic legend. The game focuses on our hero, Thor, at the real money pokies Australia sites. You’ll see many other symbols that carry through with this theme including the hammer, the castle, the rams and more mythological symbols. It’s a five reel, nine payline Aussie pokies mobile game that is bound to create a thunder of applause from all players.

More Details about Thunderstruck

Play pokies on mobile and watch for Thor, as you only need two of his symbols to get a payout of 10 coins for every coin that the player bet. If you have three Thors, you’ll get a payout of 200 coins and four Thors will offer you 2000 coins. Now, going for the gusto will offer you an amazing payout with real money pokies Australia games, as you’ll get 10,000 coins if you have five Thors in Thunderstruck. Thor is also the wild symbol with the Thunderstruck mobile pokies game. He can step in for other symbols to get you to winning combinations and all of the winnings will be doubled.

Other Fun with Thunderstruck

Other fun will be had with Thunderstruck mobile pokies when you get the rams symbol. This is the scatter symbol with the Aussie pokies mobile game. If you have two fo them you’ll get a payout and three or more will get you into the free spins section. When you get to the free spins with the Thunderstruck real money pokies Australia game, you’ll have 15 free spins with tripled wins. These free spins can also be retriggered during the free spins section. There’s also a gamble feature bonus with Thunderstruck mobile pokies. You can gamble on your winnings with a double on your money if you guess the right color and a quadruple on your money with the right suit.

Certainly, in addition to the awesome playing features with this Aussie pokies mobile game, one of the greatest benefits is that it’s mobile. This means that you’ll always have Thunderstruck by your side and can always enjoy the awesome playing adventure that it offers. You'll have a blast playing this game on your mobile anytime that you want to.