Playing Pokies Online Is Great Fun with the Tomb Raider Pokies Game

Pokies online are a great favorite with Australian gamblers. One of the most popular and exciting pokies online is that favorite Tomb Raider which is based on the video game of the same name with the star character Tomb Raider, Lara Croft. Every online pokies casino is sure to include Tomb Raider in its platform of pokies online.

Tomb Raider and Lara Croft Adventures

The pokies online game Tomb Raider opens with a dramatic video clip showing Lara Croft with her two guns going after the big treasure in the tomb. Once the clip is over, you get into this pokies online game which has five reels, 15 paylines and a betting range from one cent to one dollar. You can bet five coins per spin which will give you a maximum number of 75 coins. This may sound like a lot, but if you are only betting one cent, you are still able to play a pokies online game for small change with chances of winning nice bonus awards.

Tomb Raider Special Features

When you log onto an online pokies casino in order to play the pokies online game of Tomb Raider, be sure to view all the special features before you begin the game. The Wild symbol in the Tomb Raider pokies online game is the Tomb Raider logo. This symbol substitutes for all other images, except the Scatter and the Golden Idol, to help you create winning combinations. The Scatter symbol is the image of Lara Croft holding her two guns across her chest. Two of these across the Tomb Raider reels will double your bet, but three or more will take you to the Free Spins feature. The Tomb Raider pokies online Free Spins feature offers you ten free spins where all your wins are tripled. This is a very good deal which any online pokies casino will certainly promote.

The Tomb Raider Golden Idol triggers the Tomb Raider pokies online bonus game. Three or more of the Golden Idols across a single activated payline bring you to a second screen. There you find yourself in Lara Croft's underground tomb which is very realistically created with a pool, the sound of dripping water and a group of idols scattered across the screen. You are instructed to pick three of these idols. Each one has a hidden number of bonus coins and, depending on your choices, you can accrue as many as 1500 coins for three Golden Idols, up to 2000 coins for four Golden Idols and up to 2500 coins if you have triggered five Golden Idols.

The Tomb Raider pokies online game is an exciting and fun game to play, not only for Australians but for anyone anywhere. It is highly popular with just about any online pokies casino in Australia, but it is also popular with all other online slots casinos,