Play Tomb Raider Mobile Pokies Today

Ever since it was introduced more than a decade ago, Tomb Raider has been one of the hottest Aussie pokies in the online casino. And with the advent of the mobile casino, Tomb Raider mobile pokies have gained the same level of popularity. Just like the original, the mobile Aussie pokies game is based on the popular video game that also became a popular movie. It stars Lara Croft, an adventurer who is seeking ancient treasures, and has five reels and 15 pay lines, as well as a fine compliment of special features including a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, and a chance to win free spins. There is also a special bonus game that can win you additional cash, if luck is on your side, which is a big reason the game has remained so popular with people who love to play real money Aussie pokies. You'll also encounter a host of Lara Croft-themed symbols, including a tiger ready for action and an idol as well as some traditional Aussie pokies symbols, like the 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace symbols.

Real Money Aussie Pokies For Everyone

Tomb Raider mobile pokies offer all of the excitement of the desktop computer version of the game, but with the added advantage of mobility. That means you can play it on the go on your mobile phone or tablet device wherever you are and whenever you want, even if you can't get to a computer, like when you're relaxing by a swimming pool or hiking through the great outdoors. Mobile Aussie pokies are fun anytime, even when you have some downtime at work. You can also spin the reels a few times during a coffee break. The game is quick to play, and full of excitement, especially if you hit the Tomb Raider Aussie pokies logo, which serves as a wild symbol, replacing every symbol on the board other than the scatter symbol. In addition, there are two different Lara Croft symbols, one that shows her carrying a gun and another than shows her crouching down. The gun-toting Lara is a scatter symbol. That means that it only takes two of them appearing on the screen at the same time to win a payout. And if three or more appear anywhere on the reels at the same time, you get free spins.

Mobile Aussie Pokies with Special Features

Free spins offer a chance to clean up in real money Aussie pokies. You never have to worry about losing anything in a free spin, but you get to keep all the winnings. And with Tomb Raider mobile pokies you get another chance to clean up as well. If you hit three idol symbols on the same enabled pay line, you trigger the Idol Bonus Game. In the game, you're presented with 12 idol symbols, and you get to pick a number of them, depending on how many idol symbols appeared in the pay line. When you pick an idol, it reveals the number of coins you win. You can get up to 2,500 coins free if you're really lucky. So visit the online casino today and find out why Tomb Raider has been one of the top Aussie pokies of all time.