Play Pokies Online Anywhere

Although the term pokies is totally Australian, and almost every bar and club in Australia has pokies machines, you can now play pokies online anywhere. All the reputable online casinos carry pokies in their collection and selection of slots. That's because pokies online are the same as slots online.

At first pokies online were very basic games. They were standard three reel, single pay line pokies and were very simple to play. These pokies are still available and still popular due to their relatively large jackpots offered for relatively small bets.

As computer software for online gaming developed, pokies online became a lot more complex and interesting. They now have multi reels, multi pay lines, free spin features, bonus games, gamble features and even progressive jackpots. The pokies machines in Australia all have these innovations, but pokies online are more fun to play, and you don't have to be in Australia to play them.

Types of Pokies Online

The various types of pokies online are determined by the number of reels, the number of pay lines, whether or not there are free spins, whether or not there are bonus features, gamble features and progressive jackpots.

The multi reel and multi pay line pokies have exciting themes, some really wild, some very humorous and some very exotic. They offer bonus games which are triggered by a certain combination of symbols and usually take the player to a second screen. They also offer free spin features. The free spins are also triggered by a certain number of symbols appearing on the reels. The bonus games and free spins give the player a chance to win a lot more extra coins – sometimes even greater than the jackpot, in addition to making the pokies a lot more exciting and entertaining.

Pokies online are no different than online slots in that the spinning of the reels is randomly generated by computer and, therefore, there is no way to strategize to win. The games are totally games of chance and luck. They are played for the entertainment they provide with the added attraction of sometimes increasing the size of your wallet.

Some Favorite Australian Pokies Online

Even though pokies can be played globally, it is interesting to see some of the more popular pokies online played by Australians. Here are a few of them:

-Queen of the Nile: this has been the number one favorite in Australian pokies online for a long time. It has an Egyptian theme and offers a choice of 3, 9 and 20 pay lines plus a 15 free spins feature.

-King of the Nile: as a result of the popularity of Queen of the Nile, this game was launched for Australian pokies online in 2002. It has a 20 pay line format and a free spins feature that can be retriggered.

-Show Me the Money: although this pokies game is already ten years old, it continues to be one of the more popular pokies online because it allows the player five options of free spins and multipliers and also offers a mystery prize feature.

So despite the fact that pokies are exclusively Australian, anyone anywhere can play at an online pokies casino and enjoy their unique entertainment.