Jurassic Park Online Pokies

There are some movies that leave a mark on the world and even though many years have passed, they still have a major impact on people nowadays. One of these exciting movies was transformed into a casino game that is considered one of the most popular choices for pokies online in Australia, as players get to make the most out of the thrilling Jurassic Park online pokies game.

The game is beautifully made, and it allows the player to take a break from daily life and immerse himself in the incredible world of the dinosaurs. The graphics are extremely realistic and as the game unfolds on the screen, the player can almost feel the creatures move around him.

Basic Information

Jurassic Park is a great casino game, perfect for these who are looking to play in an online pokies in Australia for real money. This 5-reels online pokies game awards the player with an amazing and lucrative prize of up to 1,900,000 coins that transforms a fun but mild experience into something phenomenal.

The game can be found at all the most popular online pokies casinos all over the web, allowing a quick access to the game at all hours of the day, and the player gets to take part in the excitement whenever he has a minute to spare.

The symbols that appear on the reels of Jurassic Park pokies game create 243 different ways for the player to win. The lower-valued symbols are represented by different types of dinosaurs, awarding the player with up to 1,500 coins on a regular spin. The more lucrative symbols at this pokies game are represented by characters from the iconic movie, awarding the player with up to 4,000 coins.

As a winning combination appears on the reels from the left reel to the right, the symbols come to life and the player gets to view a short clip from the movie itself, therefore feeling like a part of the cast all while he makes some cash.

Bonuses and Extra Prizes

Apart from winning great prizes by getting winning combinations, the player gets to enjoy some extra bonuses along the way as he looks for the right equation that will help him answer the ultimate question: how to win on pokies in Australia.

Jurassic Park has its own scatter symbol which awards the player with up to 30,000 coins in addition to triggering the free spins. During these spins, the player gets to choose between 5 types of bonuses, as each of these is represented by a different dinosaur and offers the player with a unique prize. The player gets 12 free spins, during which he is awarded with crazy bonuses ranging from extra wilds to crazy multipliers, all while the dinosaurs come to life around him.

Another important symbol is the wild, which substitutes for all symbols except for the scatter as the player tries to make as many winning combinations as possible. Moreover, 35 extra wilds would be stacked on all reels after a random T-Rex sighting, increasing the players’ chances of winning in a matter of seconds.

In Conclusion

Jurassic Park online pokies game is one of the most exciting casino games nowadays, as it brings the game to life with amazing graphics and worthwhile prizes. Even players who won’t get to explore all the bonus features would get to make some cash, as even a regular spin can be extremely lucrative for the player.

This pokies game is popular for many reason, and the great theme adds immensely to the general excitement of the game, so any player who wants to take part in something extraordinary while winning and getting real money, would definitely want to check this game out right away.