Play The Lord of the Rings Pokies Online Today

The Lord of the Rings, an epic book and movie with millions of devoted fans, is also an exciting pokies game that can be found at virtually any top online pokies casino. The game takes advantage of new technologies for pokies online to link itself to the massive hit film version of The Lord of the Rings. It features short clips from the film while the reels spin and you await the results. It also uses many of the main characters from the movie as symbols on the reels. While most games in the online pokies casino use animated graphics for special features, The Lord of the Rings features high quality movie clips whenever expanded wild symbols appear or when a winning pay line is filled. The effect is the closest you can come to feeling like you're part of the fellowship of the ring - an experience that only the very best pokies online manage to accomplish.

Pokies Online That Will Rule Them All

In addition to the technical wizardry associated with bringing the film in sync with a pokies online game, The Lord of the Rings also offers some of the best features in the online pokies casino. It has five reels and an impressive 243 possible ways to win. It also offers innovative new elements. For example, when the Eye of Sauron lands on any spot on a reel, it expands to take up the entire reel, meaning that one of the reels contains nothing but five Eye of Sauron symbols. In other cases, an entire reel could expand to a wild symbol. The Lord of the Rings is the first game in the online pokies to feature that element, though it certainly will not be the last.

The Most Anticipated Game in the Online Pokies Casino

Every since word got out that The Lord of the Rings would be turned into a creative new pokies online game, the anticipation grew to unprecedented levels. The version of The Lord of the Rings that appeared in the online pokies casino clearly lived up its sky-high expectations. The game quickly became a favorite with fans of the film and with fans of pokies online. The graphics, together with the video elements, are state of the art, and the massive number of ways to win ensures frequent payouts. If you haven't tried the game for yourself, it's time to find out why it was the most anticipated game to hit the online pokies casino in a decade.